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12th September 2014

LG are Reportedly Releasing Smartphone Before end of 2014, will have Resolution Greater than HD

Technical leader and creator LG have created the G Flex 2 Smartphone with, according to reports, a much smaller screen than the older predecessor’s 6 inch panel, which still isn’t massive in tech terms. The curved Smartphone is said to sport a higher resolution than the original model, which customers will enjoy, and a more […]

11th September 2014

Scotland in Shock as RBS Data Leak Shows Plans to Move to London if Voters say “Yes”

A shocked Scotland has learnt like the rest of us that the Royal Bank of Scotland is planning to relocate their headquarters into London if Scotland vote “yes” next week. They said in a statement that they believed it would be “necessary to re-domicile the banks holding company”. RBS Chief Executive told all staff that […]

10th September 2014

The Prime Minister, Labour Leader and Deputy PM Join in Scotland to Save the United Kingdom from a “heartbreaking” Separation

All three main Government Party Leaders are campaigning in Scotland today to strongly support to ‘No’ vote in the referendum to decide independence. The weekly Prime Ministers Questions will indeed be without a Prime Minister, as well as Ed Miliband abandoning the BBC flagship Westminster programme, as they both intend to persuade Scots to say […]

9th September 2014

2013 Records Highest C02 Levels in the Atmosphere Since 1984

If we were to ever calculate what year was the most economical and environmentally friendly, 2013 wouldn’t even come close. A recent investigation has concluded that a surge is atmospheric C02 saw levels of greenhouse gases reach record levels in 2013. The levels grew the fastest rate of concentrated carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since […]

8th September 2014
integrated microchip

“Technology is at the very heart of preparing for university these days” and its been proved as sales go up in Electrical retailers by 40%

In the United Kingdom, Retailers have finally realised students that are preparing for University buy computer equipment, and that figures show during the August/September period profits go up also. The head of communications technology buying at popular retailer John Lewis, Mr Matt Leeser, stated that the pre-university and back-too-school market have become a vital part […]